Recent Additions to our Playlist

Here are some recent and notable additions to our playlist.

Flake on the Future by Pile of Love

This is a power-pop band formed out of members of other bands, like Drug Church, State Champs and the Story So Far. Initially intended to be a fun, no pressure, musical outfit, the downtime from their regular touring bands quickly lead to an albums worth of material. This is the follow-up to their self-titled debut. There are four tracks on this EP. Released Nov. 2022

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Late Developers by Belle and Sebastian

This is the 12 album from, Glasgow based, Belle and Sebastian. Their indie-pop ranges from Billy Bragg style melodies to upbeat, feel-good jangle pop. Standout tracks here include "Give A Little Time", "So In The Moment", and the first single release "I Don't Know What You See In Me". Altogether there are 11 tracks here to enjoy. Released Jan. 2023.

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Wet Leg (Self-titled)

Wet Leg consists of the duo of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, hailing from the Isle of Wight in England. This 12 track debut album of indie-pop runs in tandem with the bands meteoric rise in 2022. There's more here than just the ear-worm hit "Chaise Longue". Other tracks, such as "Wet Dream" and "Ur Mum" demonstrate why this is a duo to watch. Released April, 2022. 12 tracks.

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Rioting Heart by Payphones

Rioting Heart is the debut album by, Edmonton Alternative-folk quartet, Payphones. The eight songs on this album describe a healing journey from pain, to awareness, to connection. Our favourite tracks are the title track, "Rioting Heart" and "Can't Escape It". Released Nov. 2022.

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Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes by Pixey

Pixey is the performing name of Elizabeth Hillesdon, of Liverpool, England. Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes is an eight track album of DIY dream pop. Standout tracks include "Recycled Paper Planes", "I'm Just High" and  "Melody". Try not to bop to these three songs. Good luck with that. Released Sep. 2022.

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Madman In The Rain by Dot Dash

This is the seventh album by Dot Dash, a trio out of Washington, D.C. It is chock full of well-performed jangle pop. There are twelve tracks on this release. We haven't figured out what our favourites are yet, it's that strong. Released Nov. 2022.

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Moonlight Arcade Delight by Jess Roveda

Ontario artist Jess Roveda draws a lot of inspiration from 90's groups such as Garbage, Hole and Veruca Salt. This influence can be heard on this first full album of 90's style grunge pop. There are eight tracks here. Our favourites are "My Machine", "Red Room" and "Forever". Released Nov. 2022.

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Survivor by Madame Psychosis

This is the second album from 5-piece indie rock band Madame Psychosis. There are eleven tracks to be found here. To get a taste of this band, start with "Just Wanna Be Myself" and "Kapow". Released Sep. 2019.

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Tracer by JEEN

JEEN is an alternative pop-rock artist from Toronto. This new album contains ten tracks and was co-produced with Ian Blurton. Our favourite songs are "Chemical Emotion" and "Mountain". Released Oct. 2022.

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Terribly Good by Skye Wallace

With her fourth album, Skye Wallace continues her upward trajectory in the world of Canadian Indie Rock. Lyrically, it's a coming to terms with one's fears, emotions, insecurities and moving forward in enlightenment. We love every one of the eight tracks here. Don't miss "Tear A Piece (Bite Me)" and "Keeper". Released Oct. 2022.

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OTTO MOTTO by By Divine Right

By Divine Right are a bit of a Canadian Indie Rock institution. This is their first release on the Fortune Stellar Records label and comes with their trademark haunting, psychedelic pop sound. Available on double vinyl, there are fourteen tracks to listen to. A few of our favourites are "No. 87" and something about "Smokies and Cannonballs" grabs us. Released Sep. 2022.

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Decompression by Lily Frost

With nine albums and three EPs to her credit, Lily delves into the area of Americana and roots music on "Decompression". In line with the album title, the songs are deep, raw and reflective in nature. Our favourites include "Drive All Night" and "Love Yourself". Released Sep. 2022.

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