Recent Additions to our Playlist

Here are some recent and notable additions to our playlist.

Lucky Me by Phoebe Green

This is the debut album from Manchester, U.K. artist Phoebe Green. The artists describes it as a 'trauma dump' but don't let that fool you. You'll find 13 tracks of ambient indie pop that range from the introspective to 'club bangers'. Check out "Crying In The Club", "Just A Game" and "Leach". Released in Aug. 2022

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Late Stage Optimism by Broken Baby

Broken Baby is a Los Angeles based duo consisting of Amber Bollinger and Alex Dezen. They describe their music as disco glam protest punk pop. There are eleven tracks on this album, stand-outs include "Meaniac", "Get the Piss Up" and "Cloud Coverage". Released in Sep. 2021

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Homecoming by America Jayne

America Jayne is the performing name of Brooklyn based, alternative rock artist, Erica Pierce. This five-song debut EP explores themes of heartbreak, growing up and moving on. The stand-out tracks here are "Scaredy Cat" and "Dehisce". It's also worth exploring the recent single releases. Released in Jun. 2022

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Hidden Enemy by Kingfisher

Ottawa based Kingfisher have released their third EP so far this year. Here you'll find four more power punk songs that mesh well with their previous releases. As with their earlier material, the more you play it, the more you want to play it. Released in Aug. 2022

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White Tiger by Mercy Union

New Jersey based Mercy Union are back with their second full album. This is a great album of alternative rock. Our favourites of the eleven tracks are "The Void", "Selective Memory" and "So Long Siberia". Released in Aug. 2022

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Ephedrine EP by Canadian Invasion

Canadian Invasion are actually a power-pop band from Philadelphia. This three-song EP is the first in a series of remasters of some of their earlier material. These songs are from their 2006 album "Songs for the Atco Ghost". Released in Aug. 2022

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Take Good Care by Among Legends

This is the debut LP by Ontario based Among Legends. It's loud and energetic pop-punk. Produced by Siegfried Meier. With thirteen tracks to choose from, don't miss "Come Up Swinging", "Magnolia" and "Monochrome". Released in Jul. 2022

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Bitch Fit by Strange Breed

Vancouver based Strange Breed have been slowly releasing single tracks. We hope this is leading towards a new album. This is their latest single, another pop-punk explosion. As usual, nothing is off-limits in their lyrics. This song empowers via the use of reclaiming words that could often intend insult. Released in Jul. 2022

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Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar by NOBRO

Montreal based NOBRO are back with more high-energy power-rock with a side of punk. This album contains seven tracks. Our favourites are "Julia" and "Get With U". Released in Feb. 2022

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GUV III & GUV IV by Young Guv

Young Guv is a stage name for Toronto musician Ben Cook. These two albums were written in the New Mexico wilderness during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. There are twenty-three  tracks here of alternative dream pop.  Released in Mar.  and Jun. 2022

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Last Chance Power Drive by Elephants and Stars

Elephants and Stars are back, once again with Ian Blurton in the producers chair. There are some great original indie-rock songs here, such as "On The Table" and "Turn It All Around". The cover of the England Dan & John Ford Coley soft-rock 70's hit, "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" was an unexpected delight. This album contains seven tracks. Released Jul. 2022

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The Country Files by The Whythouse

The Whythouse is a multi-genre collection of Country pop, but mixed with an urban vibe and a few hip-hop beats. Definitely something to explore if you like a Country vibe, but not all sorts of steel guitar and traditional 'twang'.  This album contains ten tracks and a few collabs with other artists. We really like "Heat" and "You & Me". Released May, 2022

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